Monday 14 July 2014

Candle Magic and Iris Multicoloured Tea Lights

I was in Homebase looking for a new head for my mop when I saw this lovely set of multicoloured tea light candles. How perfect for candle magic or circle casting, I thought, and immediately popped a pack in the basket with my cleaning products. They were only £2.50 for a set of 10, which I thought was pretty cheap too.

The set, which has the name Iris, is in fact made by Habitat, but my local Homebase appears to sell some Habitat houseware items. When I got them home I opened up the pack and discovered they were just as perfect for use in spellwork as I had thought.

Although you can use white candles for spells, a lot of people prefer to pick a colour that corresponds to their intention. For example, red represents passion; pink is best for romantic love; orange is good for giving a boost to creative projects; yellow is great for spells to cheer someone up or to achieve goals; green is a wonderful all-round colour associated with health, wealth and happiness as well as nature; blue represents communication; indigo helps with intuition and psychic abilities; violet is for wisdom and spirituality; black candles can be used for spells to banish things from your life that are holding you back, such as bad habits.

Each  Iris candle comes in a clear plastic container, so you can see it while it burns. If, like me, you like to scratch a word or two on your spell candle to indicate your intent, then you can pull these tea lights out of the holder to do so. When you've inscribed whatever you want on the wax, you can easily pop the tea light back.

The Iris candles are unscented, so if you want to augment your spell with an appropriate essential oil you can do that without it mingling with some nasty artificial perfume.

The candles would would also be great as quarter lights when casting a ritual circle. Most Wiccans like to mark the quarters - or compass directions - of their circle with a coloured light. Colour correspondences vary from coven to coven though. Some use yellow in the east to honour the rising sun while other prefer pale blue to suggest the sky or the element of air; red, yellow or orange can be used in the south to represent the element of fire or the midday sun; green; turquoise or dark blue are often used in the west to represent water or the twilight sky; green, brown or black are colours for the north to represent the element of earth or the night-time.

While most witches I know used coloured tea-light holders for the circle quarters and just put white candles in them, it is sometimes nice to use candles of an appropriate colour too.

When I got home with my tea lights I checked on the Habitat website and discovered you can order sets of Iris candles online. That low £2.50 price is apparently because they are in the sale at the moment, 70% off the normal price. I might just order myself some more.

Here are the direct links to the candles on the Habitat site:

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