Wednesday 16 July 2014

Pagan Eye: Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On Launch

Here are two photos I took last night at the launch party for Witchcraft Today - 60 Years Onat Treadwell's Books in London.

The picture at the top shows Christina Oakley Harrington of Treadwell's giving a talk about British witchcraft from the fifties to the seventies.

This was an abbreviated version of a lecture she gave recently in New York and was primarily about how the English Press reported on Wicca and witchcraft in the mid-20th century. The tabloid papers often gave particularly lurid, sensationalist and inaccurate accounts of what went on in the Craft. Gerald Gardner was one of the few Wiccans willing to speak to the Press at the time and his book Witchcraft Today was partly written to try to redress the balance and give the public a genuine insight into what witches do.

The picture to the right shows Trevor Greenfield, editor of the new book Witchcraft Today - 60 Years On,which shows how witchcraft has grown in popularity, developed and changed since Gerald Gardner's time. You can read my earlier review of the book here:

Copies of the book can be bought at Treadwell's, in Store Street, London WC1E 7BS and from the Treadwell's website.

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