Monday 21 July 2014

Spells: Protection from Bad Luck and the Evil Eye

I recently got two emails from people who were going through some bad luck and felt that someone wishing them ill will might be the cause.

The first email said: "Someone has cast a spell on me to steal my luck. It started by getting fired on Friday the 13th of all days, then to follow with not finding a job, and its been almost a year. Usually I find a job within a week of leaving the last one. I really think someone has cast a spell on me, and I want it to stop. I have done my fair share of spellcasting and I don't know if there is a way to reclaim luck. So if you have an idea, and would share, please let me know."

The second message I got said: "Things are going very badly for me at the moment, in several different areas. When discussing some of these things earlier with a friend, she said, "Did you win some kind of anti-lottery? Have you pissed off any evil witches lately?" So firstly I wanted to ask please, is such a thing even possible? If it is possible, how can I protect myself against it?"

The first thing I would say is that just because you are going through a period of bad luck, it doesn't necessarily mean that anyone has cursed you - at least not deliberately using a spell. Most people do experience bad lack from time to time in their lives. Things often go in cycles, as on the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, and things usually get better eventually.

However, belief in the Evil Eye (or ill will or negative energy) being either deliberately or unintentionally directed from one person to another is a very long-held idea and one that I do believe can happen. It isn't usually even a witch who does it; perfectly ordinary people are capable of sending negative energy to another person if they have strong enough mean wishes about them. If you are experiencing a run of bad luck it can't hurt to do a little protection magic to keep negative energy - or the Evil Eye - at bay.

The easiest protection against negative energy that I know of (and have used in the past when a neighbour was being seriously horrible towards me) is to put a small mirror, facing outwards, in each of the house windows with the intention of deflecting any negative energy away. The mirrors can be really tiny. I used a few small mirrors of the kind you might have in a make-up bag.

You could also try leaving an onion or apple in the corner of each room. This is an old folk remedy for soaking up negative energy and bad luck. When fruit or veg have gone mouldy, take them far from your house and bury them.

I also have a witch ball, pictured above, hanging in my window. As well as looking nice, witch balls are said to ward off evil spirits and negative energy by capturing them in the shiny interior. Unwanted spirits are supposedly enticed by the ball's colours and reflection and can't resist having a look inside, where they are trapped, thus protecting your home. If you have a witch ball you should apparently inspect it regularly; if it goes dim and tarnished, it has done its job in capturing some ill luck. That means it is time to remove the ball and bury it a long way from your home, just like the apple or onion.

Witch bottles are another traditional type of protective magic and many of these have been unearthed outside the front doors of old houses. These were usually stone jars filled with pins, a wax effigy of a heart and urine. Like the witch balls, they trapped negative energy, curses or ill will that would otherwise have entered your home. They were traditionally sealed with wax and buried under the doorstep. If you want to make a modern witch bottle, then you might prefer to substitute vinegar for urine.

Hope that helps and hope things get better for the two people who emailed me and anyone else who is reading this and is having a hard time.

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firestorm said...

we had a real run of shocking luck about 3 years ago, a pagan friend suggested a witch bottle , things changed almost right away.

Anonymous said...

How do we use the fruit protection and the witch bottles if we live in cities? There's not even a centimeter of earth around. Only cement. And there are only building apartments with highly nossy neighbours. 😒

Badwitch said...

If you don't have a garden you could get a large plant pot with a shrub in it and put that outside your door or a window box on your windowsill and bury a bottle in that. It doesn't have to be a big bottle - it could be a very tiny bottle. Mind you, plenty of people who live in cities do have gardens or grass and flowerbeds outside their block of flats. I live in London and have a garden. Even when I lived in a flat there was grass and flowerbeds around the outside of the building.

Anonymous said...

I will try that. Thank you very much for your reply!❤️

Anonymous said...

What do I put in a with bottle

Badwitch said...

Traditionally witch bottles were filled with pins and urine and sometimes other things like small stones and hair.