Sunday 24 August 2014

Foxy Photo Taken With My New Camera Lens

Back in June, when I was on holiday in Orkney, I broke the lens for my Canon DSLR camera and I was gutted. Taking photos is one my favourite hobbies and new lenses are quite expensive - not something I could just pop out and buy without saving my pennies first.

However, saving my pennies is what I've been doing and I've just got a new lens. I'm really delighted with it.

I looked into getting the old lens repaired under my holiday insurance, but I would have had to pay a £50 excess anyway. Instead, I decided to upgrade to a better one. My old lens was 18-80mm, the new one is a Sigma 18-250mm.It will be great for taking pictures of wildlife, I hope.

When it arrived, I immediately tried it out. This fox was at the end of my garden, so I took this photo of it from the my bedroom window. Let's just hope we have a lovely autumn so I can get out and take more pictures!

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