Monday 12 January 2015

Ethics Question: Love Spells and Link Exchanges

Here's a question of ethics I've been mulling over - and I thought the best idea was to blog about it to see what others think.

A few days ago I got an email with this request from a link manager, Prachi Goel:
At this present moment, I am seeking meaningful links from quality websites just like yours, for a current project on behalf of and As you will see, this is based upon a similar theme to yours and does in my view, offer added value content for web site visitors.
It isn't the first time I've had a request like this, and I replied in the way I normally do, saying simply:
I am not interested at all thanks.
I wasn't expecting to hear any more about it, but Prachi replied and here is how the email conversation went:
Prachi: May I know the reason for not interested in link exchange ?
Me: I do not promote businesses that sell spells.
Prachi: OK which theme link you need for link exchange?
Me: Non-profit making pagan organisations, preferably in England, or very small pagan supplies retailers with physical shops in London, England.
Prachi: I respect your policy that you can accept only London base non profit organization website. But If you can place my client link on your site so your visitor also get advantage of my spells services. I also put your link back on my link page so my visitor also get advantage of your services. Your traffic will be increase. I can not force to you but it will be mutually beneficial for both of us. We both are belong to same industry and inter link exchange is an important part of Internet marketing. If you wish i can add your link on witch related site only so i can arrange that theme site back. I have PR 2+ witch craft related site. I am waiting for your reply...
Me: Prachi, No, I do not promote businesses that sell spells. I write a non-profit-making blog which is aimed at giving high quality information to pagans in London, I do not sell goods or services, so there is little benefit to me from increasing traffic to my site in the way you suggest. I do not approve of selling spells. The spells I list on my blog are all free.
I really thought that would be it, but I then got another reply from Prachi, who said: "I am sending to you one nice article which one helpful for increasing your site ranking."

Well, I really had to give Prachi 10 out of 10 for effort, and I will be quoting his article further on so you can read what it said, but first I thought I would blog about my thoughts on online services selling love spells. The first and main reason that I am rather opposed to such spell-selling businesses is that a long time ago a friend of mine spent her savings paying for spell-casting services after her boyfriend walked out on her. She didn't get her errant lover back. Personally, I thought she had wasted her money.

Of course I am not saying that no one ever gets their lover back, I just think there are better ways of going about it - such as perhaps chatting to a relationship counsellor. If you are going to use magic to help the situation, I am a firm believer that you should cast spells for yourself rather than pay someone you have never even met to perform a service you have no proof they have actually put much effort into.

Another factor is that many Wiccans consider it unethical to cast a love spell to try to control the actions of another person without their permission. They see that type of coercion as being just as wrong as using physical force to have your way with someone. However, I feel doing a spell to try to get the opportunity for romance with a person you fancy - or to rekindle a passion - is OK, so long as you add a line that says something like, "If it be their will too," or simply, "An it harm none."

I do have a lot of sympathy for anyone whose lover has dumped them. It is absolutely heartbreaking - and it has happened to me in the past. One evening, quite out of the blue, my live-in partner of 10 years came home from work and announced he was leaving me because he had fallen in love with someone else. That was it, the relationship was over. I was devastated.

Of course, initially, I wanted him to return to me and say he was sorry. Yes, I did magic - but not magic to get my old boyfriend back. The spell I cast asked for happiness in love before the end of the year - and I got it. Within a month, I was in a blissful and passionate romance with someone new. That new someone became my husband a few years later and we have now been married for 10 very happy years.

My real advice to anyone in that situation is to cast a spell with similar wording to mine - just ask for happiness in love, not for a specific person. Think about it carefully. What do you really want? Do you just want your old lover back regardless, even if the relationship will be miserable and full of rows, resentment and suspicions? Or would you rather be happy? Your call, of course.

Anyway, I promised I would share the article that Prachi took the effort to write for my blog. Here it is:
Love Charms

Love is a very significant part of each one of our lives, it can make and destroy. Falling in love is easy but being able to keep up with it is what is difficult. At some point or the other you need a magical power that will help you maintain the true love. This unique magical power is through love spells that have proven to be very effective. However it is believed that only when a real caster casts the love spells or any other spells, you obtain the best results.

You must be aware of the increasing market of scammers. They are biggest threat to true spell casters and the whole issue of love spell. Today there are so many frauds who claim to be real casters for love spells, but fail to deliver. It is fascinating that a real caster of love spell does a complete psychic reading before the spell. It is important to ensure that you are aware of the whole situation and are prepared for the same. There are many people who have been casting spells for years and are well experienced. Only those are the ones whose spells prove to be miracle in disguise.

There are a number of types of different love spells that can be cast. Some of the prominent and important ones are:

Marriage love spell: this is considered to be one of the most powerful love spell. It ensures that your lover will admit to a marriage proposal and it also saves a marriage that is falling apart. None of us can deny the importance of getting married to someone and staying with the same person. It helps you keep the marriage alive inspite and despite of the issues you might currently be facing.

Lost lover spell: if you had a break up or lost your love this spell makes sure that he comes back to you. It ensures that you stay in a relationship much longer than it would have stayed otherwise. There also gets to a point where you can also have a possibility of spending your life together.

Best cheaters love spell: this is a love spell for those who cheat on their partner. It ensures that you partner stops cheating from that very day.

Attraction love spell: this spell is regarded as the best spell that most people cast before falling in relationships. The fact is sometimes we suffer a lot trying to get our true lovers on our side. It ensures that your feelings do not get ignored.

If you are a strong believer in love and in the power of sending out a strong, positive intention to get what you want, you will understand how important love spells can be. The difference can be identified easily with the changes in your relationship after any of them. Each of the spells are unique and important in its own manner and each of the love spells come up with a different result in a relationship. You must know the importance of each of them as they are not the same, before you cast any spell.
I guess that via this post Prachi has gained a couple of links, although I would also guess not quite in the way he wanted. I certainly do not want a reciprocal link on the sites he manages. But I started this blog post as a question, so what do you think? Is it OK to promote services that sell spells? Is it OK to sell love spells? Is it ethical to cast love spells at all? Please leave a comment, as I am really interested in what others think about this.

And if you are looking for a love spell, here is a free one you can try:

The photo at the top shows the beautiful romantic treats my hubby gave me for my last birthday.

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Alan C-B said...

Personally, I think we've two issues here; the "advertising" or link policy of your blog and the ethics of "love charms" or spells.
You explained your clear policy to his first enquiry. He then decided to give you a "windy" debate about this, arguing for you to change your policy in his favour - which started my hackles to rise. Frankly, and in my own opinion, I wouldn't trust any alledged business which tries to browbeat you into doing something you don't normally do. How legitimate is his business if he can't understand the words "it's my policy ..."?
As far as selling spells is concerned, love charms appeal to those who have been hurt in a relationship and "want it back" as well as those who have a crush on someone and want "a bit of help" to form a relationship, both without the willing consent of the object of the spell; it's this unwilling participation that is the problem - you are asserting your will onto others.

Badwitch said...

The persistence wound me up too - but it did get me thinking, which was why I wrote the blog post.

Harmonia Saille said...

I have had something similar over the years. I always say it's against my personal ethic as it's negative magic. I also never charge for spells of course (the very few I do for others). I think you made it clear and the fact the guy was so persistent shows he is unethical. I always refuse requests for love spells, they have a habit of backfiring like any negative magic. Imagine doing a spell to make someone fall for you and be attached to you for eternity. And say that person turned out to be abusive and you found it wasn't so easy to leave the relationship when you need's not good.
If couples need a spell connected with a relationship then both need to be willing participants. Then a spell for better communication can be effective. However, sometimes a breaking the ties spell is necessary. No point in flogging a dead horse, it won't help towards a happy future.

Badwitch said...

Harmonia, Thanks for the comment - I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

I never charge for spells and I don't do Love Spells however I will do attraction spells. I read this persons reply to you and alarm bells rang as I has a similar "scam" email that came from Nigeria. I noted that the English used in the replies to you wasn't very good, so am worried you might have the same sort of thing I had.

Badwitch said...

Anonymous - I wouldn't like to discriminate against anyone just because they weren't English or English wasn't their first language, but agree that alarm bells always ring when I get emails from pushy sales or marketing people, especially regarding sites that sell spells online.

Thomas Johnston said...

Thanks for the comment.