Saturday 10 January 2015

Online Magic School: Traditional Witchcraft Training

If you want to learn about British traditional witchcraft there are some excellent books available, particularly the Traditional Witchcraft series by Melusine Draco.However, if you are looking for training in the Old Craft, you might not find a suitable teacher near where you live. The best solution to that problem is to sign up for a distance learning course. Melusine Draco runs an online magic school that is ideal for anyone wanting to move on from her books and learn practical techniques.

Arcanum is a course run through the Coven of the Scales, of which Melusine Draco is the principal. Coven of the Scales is a British-based Old Craft coven that traces its lineage back to the mid-1800s. Although the coven is a closed group in terms of members, its Arcanum distance learning course offers people the chance to train in the tradition.

The information on the Coven of the Scales website says:
ARCANUM explores traditional British Old Craft magic, aiming specifically at solitary practitioners, and providing a safe way to gain a solid grounding in practical Craft techniques. Most people learn about magic and witchcraft from books, and they learn alone. Their magic remains a very personal and private thing. This has one very major drawback, however ... where do you go to ask niggling questions, or check whether you are working safely and efficiently? ARCANUM is a 12-part foundation course in traditional Craft methods and techniques. The course is also aimed at those wishing to understand more about the practical elements of magical practice before they join a working group, or if they just wish to continue to work alone. We provide a team of experienced magical practitioners in order to answer questions on any aspects of magic. This means you can ask for help from someone whose background and antecedents have been checked by Coven of the Scales and with whose work you may already be familiar.
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Anonymous said...

I would not recommend this course,the people are rude nasty,and although they claim to teach do not like beginners avoid!!

Anonymous said...

I also did not have a good experience with the application process. They want current adepts at old craft. Parting words were if I had to ask, I'd never know.

Any other recommendations?