Friday 8 April 2016

Sacred Sites: St Nectan's Glen and Waterfall Revisited

When the sun is shining, spring flowers are blooming and the days are finally warm enough to go outdoors without a coat, I start to think about all the places I want to see - and St Nectan's Glen in Cornwall is one of them.

Denise Turner, who sent me pictures of St Nectan's Glen a couple of years ago, emailed me to say she had recently revisited the sacred site.

She said: "I while ago you featured a picture of St Nectan's Glen near Tintangel/Boscastle in Cornwall. I visited again last week and wanted to let you know that the new(ish) owners have created a new walkway around the magical waterfall, where you can see another 'secret' waterfall and there are more quite spots for quiet meditation."

She added: "As witches they are very pagan friendly and we had the best scones that we've ever had in our lives, because the witch who makes them (sorry forgot her name) makes them with love."

Denise said it is a highly recommended visit for anyone headed down to Cornwall and is close to The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle - gifted at Samhain 2013 to Simon Costin, director of the Museum of British Folklore, with new displays, objects and management.

She also mentioned that anyone visiting Cornwall can go to Tintagel castle, where people can see the new controversial new carving of Merlin on the cliff by Merlin's cave:

The photograph is copyright Denise Turner and is used here with permission

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Anonymous said...

Whilst it is a beautiful site if one had visited pre.2015 when it was in its natural state one would have been able to see a less commercial site.if it is indeed a spiritual site then those with no empathy have created a tourists playground and played on emotive marketing because it is nothing other than a cash cow. The present managers or custodians show little regard for the natural beauty and have desecrated nature in favour of cash. It is littered with tat that has no relevance to its properties.What a tragedy.

Badwitch said...

Oh, has the tat returned? When I was there about 2 years ago they had removed all the "offerings" and there were signs saying no one should leave anything there. Have you been very recently and found litter there?