Friday, 28 April 2017

Candle Magic: Be Safe With Candles at Sacred Sites

Following the terrible news that an ancient oak tree in Glastonbury, known as Gog, was badly burnt - probably due to a candle being placed at its base, I thought I'd share the tips I give at my Candle Magic workshops on the use of candles at sacred sites.

While it is lovely to have a votive flame, you really don’t want to cause a fire or other damage at sacred sites. Here is a list of my personal guidance:
  • Check whether candles are allowed at any sacred site before lighting one
  • Keep candles in safe containers – ideally something like a lantern suitable for outdoor use
  • Keep hot surface and flames away from anything that could catch fire or be damaged
  • Have something ready to put out a fire in case an accident does happen
  • Never leave flames unattended
  • Extinguish your candles when you have finished
  • Take your candles, candle holders and any litter home with you or dispose of it in a rubbish bin - but also make sure you won’t cause a bin fire!
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The photo at the top shows a candle lantern in my garden

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