Tuesday 13 March 2018

Tales from the Witch Room: Cauldrons Big and Small

I have eight cauldrons - nine if you also count a plastic Halloween bucket I own. The large cauldron in the picture above is a South African Potjie pot, designed for outdoor cooking. It is the only one I paid much money for. The rest all came from charity shops.

There are four small brass cauldrons and a pottery one that I use as tealight holders. They have lit candles in them in the photo, which was taken in front of the fireplace in my witch room.

I use the slightly wonky silvery one to store dried flowers and leaves from the seasonal mandalas I created each month last year. I've got plans for those, but at the moment they sit in my cauldron.

The wooden one is still a bit of a mystery.

Surely nine cauldrons is more than enough for any witch?

Well, maybe not. You see, many modern witches have metal cauldrons of size in-between tiny tealight holders and big cooking pots. They are even considered essential altar tools by some.

So, I find myself wondering, should I get a tenth?

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Anonymous said...

Go on spoil yourself , I love the big one .

Badwitch said...

Thanks! :)

POOJA K P said...

thnk you...for more informtio visit this site.....