Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Happy Beltane and the First Day of May

May starts with the Pagan fertility festival of Beltane. It is day to celebrate all the joys of life and love. Spring has well and truly sprung and all around is greenery and blossom. Birds are nesting, bees are buzzing and flowers are blooming.

Although May Day this year falls on a weekday, so many of us will be working, you could still go out in the lunch break or after work to do something you enjoy and celebrate the pleasures of life.

Beltane is a fire festival, but if it isn't practical to light a huge bonfire - as is traditional - you can light a candle in the evening and visualise its flame as your own Beltane fire. It is also a great time to try a little candle magic.


mxtodis123 said...

Beltane blessings to you. I have that book. Love it and go back to it often.

Anonymous said...

Happy Beltane.

Badwitch said...

Beltane blessing to you both as well!