Monday, 21 May 2018

I'd Like to Thank my Friends for a Lovely Birthday!

It was my birthday yesterday. Friends came over to chat, play board games, eat birthday cake and have some wine. I had a lovely time!

I also got given some wonderful witchy presents, which I have photographed. My hubby bought me a subscription to Fortean Times and a copy of Martin Duffy's book Effigy, which I have wanted ever since I heard him talk about it at The Nameless Arte last autumn. I also got some sparkly rocks and crystals, a copy of the Harry Potter - A History of Magic book and a little witch-shaped spoon holder.

Several other friends gave me bottles of booze, which I will very much enjoy.

Thank you so much - it was a perfect day and I love my pressies!


Rebecca Bird said...

.... and you have now to admit if you're brave enough to grow the mandrake! ;)

Badwitch said...

I've been thinking about that. I know we have at least two trained gardeners in our local moot and I'm going to ask them for help and advice. Thanks so much for the seeds!