Wednesday 20 June 2018

Summer Solstice: Respect the Power of the Sun

I hope everyone who wants to gets to see a beautiful sunset tonight and a glorious sunrise tomorrow, the Summer Solstice.

However, do take care and respect the power of the sun all summer long. We all know that we should cover up or put on sunblock to avoid burning on hot, clear days. We all also know to avoid staring directly at the sun for any length of time, as it can damage our eyes. What I'm writing about here is to also be aware of how the sun can cause fires or other damage inside our homes.

If, like me, you have a crystal ball or two, don't let sunlight shine directly on it. Crystal balls can refract the light and focus it on flammable objects, sometimes causing serious fires. The same can happen with other crystals, glass ornaments, mirrors and even bottles left on windowsills.

The picture above shows my collection of scrying balls in a basket by a window in my witchy room. You can probably also see a black cloth in the basket. It is there to protect the crystals and glass from getting scratched and I used to put it on the table before doing divination too. The last time I went to use it I realised the artificial fabric had melted and stuck together under one of the crystals!

I was really surprised because I normally have the basket of crystal balls covered up with a cloth - because I am aware of the fire risks. (See the photo at the bottom.) The sun must have caused the problem on one of those rare occasions when it is wasn't covered.

The sun can bleach crystals too, so aim to keep yours in a dark place as much as possible. Things like fabrics and pictures can also be bleached by the sun. Candles and other wax objects left in windowsills can melt.

Now I know some witches like to leave magical items out in the sun to charge them with energy - and the Summer Solstice would seem the perfect time to do that. But do be careful. Even a glass bottle filled with water could refract the strong rays of the sun and set light to your curtains. You don't need sun-charged items so much it is worth risking a house fire.

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