Thursday, 21 June 2018

Witch Room Tales: My Sun Light for the Solstice

Here is one of my favourite things in my witchy room. It is a lamp designed to look like the sun. Although I might not really need to turn it on today - the Summer Solstice - I'm blogging about it because it is the item I own that most evokes the sun for me.

It cheers me up on darker days and longer night, reminding me that the sun will shine again.

Like quite a few of my belongings, it came from a charity shop. Unlike the three-legged stool I blogged about last month, this is a purchase I don't regret. However, I nearly didn't buy it.

I saw it at at time when I was seriously skint. It was priced at £10 and although I loved it as soon as I saw it, I didn't get it immediately. I had a tenner in my purse, but it was better spent on food.

Nevertheless, I kept thinking about it. I asked my husband if he minded me buying something totally frivolous. He said that if I really wanted it, I should get it. I rushed back to the charity shop the next morning, expecting it to have already gone to a new home, but I was in luck.

I don't for a moment regret buying my sunny table lamp. Witchy friends who come round to visit nearly always comment on how lovely it is and ask me where I got it. They seem disappointed that it was a vintage item and the only one like it I have ever seen in a shop. Online searches for "sun lamp" just reveal things that turn you orange ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi I have same lamp also cannot find another but receved red version that a relative came across