Monday 20 August 2018

News: Occult, Paganism, Witchcraft, History and Art

A round- up of news of recent stories including the unveiling of a Baphomet statue, Celtic pilgrimages, witchcraft, witch hunts, archaeology, TV, movies and music:

"The Satanic Temple Protested a Ten Commandments Monument in Arkansas With Its Baphomet Statue" - story at TIME:

"Satanists unveil 8-foot 'Baphomet' statue at Arkansas State Capitol" - A blog post on the same subject at Big Think:

"Witchcraft in the #MeToo Era" - story at New York Times:

"In Rural India, Protecting Women From Witch Hunting, and an Impending Flood" - story at SELF:

"Celtic spirituality draws pagans and Christians alike" - story at Religion News Service:

"This Golden Head Adds a Twist to Ancient Roman History" - story at National Geographic:

"A Discovery of Witches streaming: How to watch A Discovery of Witches online" - story at

"20 Crazy Revelations Behind The Making Of The Witches" - story at Screen Rant:

"The secrets of Led Zeppelin IV: from ecology to the occult" - story at Louder:

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