Friday 4 January 2019

Event: Patient 4620 - Immersive Horror in London

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you will know I'm a fan of Lovecraftian horror. This February there's a new immersive theatre production in London called Patient 4620, by the people who put on Father Dagon a few years back. Patient 4620 is by Dread Falls Theatre and is premiering as part of London Lovecraft Festival. It is directed by Victoria Snaith

The patient in the title is Gretel Sauerbrot; a once famous artist, admitted to the Raventhorne Institution and then never heard from again. At the Royal Museum of Contemporary Art you can explore and uncover clues to Gretel’s past through a series of audio guides.

The unusual theatre show is a blend of immersive theatre, auditory storytelling, and art installation. To experience Patient 4620 at its fullest, audiences should bring a smartphone or WiFi enabled device, along with a headset, although there are some available for people to borrow on the night if they don't have their own.

Patient 4620 runs from Sunday 3 February to Saturday 9 February at the Royal Museum of Contemporary Art London, in Hoxton. Performances last 45 mins and run at various times each day. Tickets are £20. You can find out more and order tickets here:

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