Monday 15 April 2019

Occult London: Pamela Colman Smith's Fireplace

This is Pamela Colman Smith's fireplace. It was at the heart of the Rider-Waite tarot illustrator's home in Parc Garland, Cornwall, but this spring found its way to Treadwell's occult bookshop in London. I spent a few quiet moments sitting in front of it with a cup of coffee before running my scrying workshop at Treadwell's yesterday, and I took this photo.

When you come to Treadwells, do take a trip down the stairs to the basement where you will find Pamela Colman Smith's fireplace and some comfortable seating. You can rest your feet, make a wish or just sit and contemplate this important part of England's occult history and heritage.

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Sandra Lawrence said...

I definitely want to visit this fascinating fireplace. I don't think Treadwells do coffee, do they?

Badwitch said...
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Badwitch said...

Treadwell's isn't actually a coffee shop. I was having my own coffee there before I taught my workshop.