Tuesday 16 April 2019

Plymouth Labyrinth and a Pantheon of Weirdness

Fancy playing some weird games this Easter? There's a new book of ideas you might want to check out that you can use wherever you live, plus details of an associated art project in Plymouth.

If you happen to be in the Plymouth area over the next few days, you can catch the last four days of an art project called Plymouth Labyrinth. The project is about exploring Plymouth as a labyrinth, feeling for the marks and myths of the city’s epic doing and undoing, and for how those who live there can navigate its tunnels, traps and layers. As well as various things you can take part in or interact with, such as walks, there's an exhibition at Royal Adelaide Art and Yoga in Stonehouse. You can find out more here: https://plymouthlabyrinth.wordpress.com/#

There's also a book called Smoke and Mirrors: Plymouth Pantheon - described as "a handbook for the curious, and games of threads, bones, hearts and keyholes."

Phil Smith, author of On Walking and The Footbook of Zombie Walking, and one of the creators of Plymouth Labyrinth, sent me an email about the project and book. He said: "As part of our ‘Plymouth Labyrinth’ project we have created a ‘pantheon’ of tactics, games, zones and personae that we have found to travel well."

I've been sent a copy of the book, which I am really looking forward to using after I'm less busy writing essays for my MA course. Skimming through the book I can see Phil is correct - it is full of strange games and other activities that you could do in almost any city, although some are specific to Plymouth and a few things are more seaside based. You can get a copy here: https://www.blurb.co.uk/b/9344417-plymouth-pantheon

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