Saturday 31 August 2019

Divination for the Day: Oak and the Magic of Nature

I decided to draw an oracle card for the day and was drawn to use The Magic of Nature Oracle. The card that came to me was Oak. The word on it is discipline and in this deck, that card relates to doing what you can to keep your body healthy. That means a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep.

This is actually something I need to be reminded of at the moment. I'm in the last month of doing an MA course and for the next few weeks will be doing little except sit at a desk writing my dissertation. I've been working on it slowly for a couple of months already, but I know I still need to do a massive amount of research, writing and editing if I want to get a good grade.

It is really easy to snack on junk food at a time like that and I would do well to switch to things like fruit and nuts instead of biscuits! (Actually, my real downfall is peanut butter and jam on toast.) I also ought to make sure I get up from the desk and go for walks to get exercise regularly. Sleeping isn't something I have *too* much of a problem with, but I know my brain is clearer when I have plenty of sleep.

This is the second reading I have done for myself in the past week that gave me a message about eating healthily for general well-being. I used the Ocean Oracle while I was away at the coast last weekend and it gave me a similar reading. I'm intending to blog more about that oracle set soon.

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