Monday 21 October 2019

Magic School: Learn What Witches Do in London

If you are curious about witchcraft and want to learn more about it, then a course called What Witches Do, starting in early 2020 in London, could be for you. Although you can find out a lot about witchcraft online and in books, it can be hard to work out what information is good and what isn't. Some things can also best be understood by experiencing them.

The five-week evening class course aims to answer questions about Wicca, and other forms of modern witchcraft, and give participants enough knowledge and experience to know if it is a path they would like to explore further.

Starting with an explanation of what witchcraft is and what witches do, the classes become more experiential as they progress. While the course is open to people of all ages, sex and nationalities, aged 18 years and older, spaces are limited and are likely to be booked up quickly.

John Friedman, one of the course organisers said: "We are running a short introductory course on witchcraft in London in February 2020 and all details are given on The course will be practical as well as theoretical and will hopefully have a good balance between learning, mirth and reverence."

What Witches Do is run by a group of volunteers on a non-profit basis. The course starts on Monday 3 February in Islington, London N1. It runs from 7.30pm to 9.30pm with a 10-minute break. The cost of the course is £60 for all five sessions, paid for in advance. You can find the details here:


Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting as most of the courses ive looked at are just correspondence courses which dont give you chance to interact with the people running it. I also like the idea of experiencing rather then just learning the theory so very tempted to give this a go. :)

Peakie said...

I tried to fill in the preliminary questionnaire and it wouldn't let me fill in question 13, which meant I couldn't get to the next page. Not sure if it's either already full up or there's something wrong with the website.

Badwitch said...

Peakie - I contacted the organisers. They said they found the fault and have now corrected it so it should work if you want to try filling the form in again.

Peakie said...

Thank you. It worked!