Tuesday 22 October 2019

A Day's Divination: Fallen Angel Oracle - Dantalion

Here is a divinatory message for the day, drawn from the Fallen Angel Oracle. The card I picked is Dantalion, which represents the importance of having empathy in our encounters with others.

The deck does not depict fallen angels as demonic. Instead, it shows angels who are earth-bound for reasons such as falling in love with a mortal or caring too much about human affairs - as well as a few who fell from grace due to breaking the rules of heaven.

Dantalion's brief message is that 'peace and reconciliation can be achieved through understanding and the recognition of common humanity.' I really hope this is true, as it really does seem an important message for the moment.

The full description in the book that comes with the set says:
Dantalion is a glorious angel whose face constantly changes, reflecting all the types of people in the world, both male and female. He/she carries a great book, which is a record of all the lives that have ever been, and these are the lives reflected in his/her shifting countenance. Dantalion teaches insight and empathy, the understanding of the hearts and minds of other people, no matter how different their beliefs, customs, and appearance may at first seem. This angel is a great peacemaker.
I've been reminded of my set of Fallen Angel Oracle Cards twice this month, although I hadn't used it for a few years previously. The first time was when I went for a walk in Nunhead Cemetery, as the artwork uses photos taken in the Victorian Gothic burial ground. You can read my earlier post about the set here.  I then remembered the deck when I took part in an angel guided visualisation at the Mind Body Soul Experience last week. I'm glad of the reminders.

The edition I have is now out of print, but a new version is coming out next year. You can view that on Amazon.

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