Friday 11 October 2019

News & Culture: Witches, Witchcraft & Witch Hunts

Here is a round-up of recent stories about witches, witchcraft and witch hunts in the news, in films, in books and in history:

"Outrage rises at Chechen 'witch hunt'" - story at BBC News:

"New book by Fraserburgh author highlights horrific extent of witch trials in Scotland" - The Press and Journal looks at Ailish Sinclair's new book The Mermaid and the Bear:

"New map reveals three Clydebank women branded witches in 1677 trials" - story at Clydebank Post:

"'Scotland's last witch' burnt alive almost 300 years ago" - story at STV News:

"The Bury St Edmunds witch trials - what do you know about this horrible history?" story at East Anglian Daily Times:

"Torryburn says no to lighthouse witch memorial" - story at Dunfermline Press:

"Witch season provides a deep look into the millennial mindset" - story at Religion News Service:

"The 15 best witch movies that will have you cackling around the cauldron this Halloween " - A look at films about witches at GamesRada:

"Screw Everything — I'm Becoming a Witch" - story at thebolditalic:

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