Thursday 31 October 2019

Witch Shopping: Ouija Board and Vampire Candles

I went to Treadwell's Halloween fete last night and had a really fun time. It was a party in the shop with seasonal punch, party games and a chance to try out some traditional divination activities. I won a book by correctly pinning the wart on the witch while blindfolded (I had a bit of help, it wasn't just me being psychic) and I also had a go at using a spirit board, sometimes called a Ouija board.

It isn't the first time I've used a spirit board and I'm not overly superstitious about them. They are divination tools, but to be honest the messages are usually more from our own subconscious and imagination than genuine spirit contact. However, you should always cast a circle before using one, and dismiss any spirits when you finish, just in case a mischievous one turns up and doesn't want to go.

Then I bought one. A spirit board, that is, not a ghost. You can see it in the photo. Although I've used Ouija boards at ghost hunting events in the past, I've never owned one before. When I was younger, my family used to set out Lexicon cards on Halloween and use an upturned wine glass to point to the letters.

I couldn't afford to treat myself to one last night, but it was on very special offer, and I am pleased with it. It came with a free set of vampire candles too, which apparently look black, but melt with red wax when lit. I'm looking forward to trying these things out tonight.

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