Sunday 27 October 2019

Witchy Shopping: Pointy Hats and Kitchen Witches

Sara Hafiz, of online retailer Diva and Noel sent me these pictures of two of their best-selling items - and they are so brilliantly witchy, I had to share.

Sara said: "We have these two best selling products: the modern witch hat and the kitchen witch doll. The modern witch hat is made of soft wool, head circumference 57cm, brim 5cm, and us available in six colours.

"The kitchen witch doll resembles a stereotypical witch to be displayed in a residential kitchen as a good charm and to ward off bad spirits. it is made of resin, size 20 by 19cm, and is available in three colours."

You can find the shop website here:

I've blogged about the folklore of kitchen witch dolls in the past. You can read my earlier post here:

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