Tuesday 21 January 2020

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: White Candles are Fine

I'm continuing my series of posts called Witchcraft on a Shoestring, which I began last autumn after someone who came to one of my workshops suggested I do more for witches who are strapped for cash. Today I am writing about how it is perfectly OK to use ordinary white candles for candle magic.

You sometimes read in witchcraft books, or hear people say, that you need special candles for spellwork: the right colour, the right wax, made in a certain way and so on. It honestly isn't true.

While things like colour symbolism can be used to boost the effects of any type of magic, people were using white or natural looking candles for witchcraft for centuries before coloured candles became widely available. Handmade candles in expensive wax are lovely too, but again they are not necessary. When you cast a spell, the intention is the most important thing.

For the very simplest of candle spells all you need is an ordinary, white tea-light and some matches. With the end of a match scratch a word onto the wax for what it is you want to wish for. Just one word can sum it up, for example: health, wealth, joy, love, success, protection or justice. Visualise your wish coming true as you light the candle. Put it somewhere safe. An empty jar or an old saucer will do if you don't have a proper tealight holder. Ideally let the candle burn down all in one go, but don't leave lit candles unattended for safety reasons.

You can add colour in other ways if you want. You could put the candle on a plate, saucer or candle holder of an appropriate colour, if you have one. You could write out your spell intention using a coloured pen or pencil, then place that in front of the candle or behind it. Flowers, crystals or even jewellery of a suitable colour could be put near the candle - although only if you happen to have the flowers, crystals or jewellery already as this is all about saving money.

If your spell is to help you get a bit more money coming in, then place your purse or wallet in front of your candle. Light the candle and make your wish, then visualise the light flowing into your purse or wallet, filling it with cash in the year ahead.

For more candle spells, you can view my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic on Amazon or, as a cheaper option, look at the spells page on my blog for free. (Please note I earn commission from some links. This helps subsidise my blog at no extra cost to readers.)

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