Monday 4 May 2020

Pagan Eye: A Vase of Bluebells and Wild Garlic

I was sent this beautiful picture of bluebells and wild garlic by Sara Hayton who wrote:
"I picked these bluebells two days ago and stumbled upon the white flowers, I did some research and realised that they were wild garlic."
The vase of white and blue flowers in the photo is absolutely lovely. I am lucky to have bluebells growing in my own garden. They are one of my favourite spring flowers. I absolutely love wild garlic too. The leaves of wild garlic can be put in a salad, boiled as a vegetable or used to flavour soups and stews. Sadly there is none growing near me, and I can't go out and forage far during lockdown.

I remember being on holiday in Cornwall a few years ago, and finding them growing everywhere when I went for woodland walks. They were even growing around the grave of Joan the Crone, in Boscastle, just upriver of the Museum of Witchcraft.

If you are foraging for wild garlic, do be careful to identify them correctly as the leaves are similar to some poisonous plants, including lilly of the valley.

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The photo is copyright Sara Hayton

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