Monday 20 July 2020

Pagan Eye: Two Frogs and a Newt in a Garden

The two frogs and a newt were discovered by Mark Jones when he was weeding his garden. He said the frogs were about the size of his thumb and he found them underneath some greenery.

You can tell the difference between a frog and a toad because frogs have smooth, wet skin and toads have warty, dry skin. This looks to me like a common frog. They are very useful in the garden because they eat slugs and snails. I'm not quite sure what type of newt it is. If you can identify it, do leave a comment. Please also let me know what wildlife you are seeing in your garden.

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The photo is copyright Mark Jones.

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Mark Jones said...

It's a Common Newt.

Everything in our garden is common, including me.

Mark Jones said...
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Badwitch said...

You are not in the slightest bit common, Mark!

Mark Jones said...

Not sure why it posted twice.

Anonymous said...

We have a fox called Tippy living behind our fence. Last year she had two cubs, this year it's three. Our little pond is their water hole. I give them a tin of dog food every night to supplement their diet. They're the animals we see, but if I go and sit quietly in the garden late at night the undergrowth is alive with creatures moving about. Even the tiny pond makes noises - must be the snails blowing bubbles!
Jane M

Jane M said...

Meant to add your pic is lovely, Mark.