Thursday 1 October 2020

Halloween Shopping: Pictures of Tricks and Treats

It is October 1st and the shops are full of Halloween goodies. Like many witches I know, I regard this time as a boon for stocking up on stuff I'll use all year round! Throughout the month I'll be posting pictures of treats I've seen - and possibly bought - as well as sharing photos of other people's wonderful finds. I'll also be blogging about tricks for turning high-street Halloween wares into real witches' tools.

My first Tricks and Treats picture shows Lush toiletries, and was taken by Jane Mortimer. 

Jane wrote: "I went shopping for my Samhain bath indulgences. Lush has a habit of stocking all the right stuff at the right times for witches and pagans. I usually only buy one bomb and one melt, but this year I pushed the boat out and splashed £16.40 (pun fully intended!) on the three little black bags. In them were the goodies in the pic - a Bewitched bubble bar, a Lord of Misrule bath bomb and a Ceridwen's Cauldron bath melt - perfect for Samhain, and currently making my little witchy room smell gorgeous. 

She added: "I only hope the boiler doesn't call "Trick!" on the night with its dodgy heat exchanger and lets me have enough hot water to enjoy these special little treats."

I order my own toiletries from Bewitched Botanicals, which handmakes amazing witch toiletries all year round. I'll be blogging about their Halloween Collection soon, but I'm also keen to see what other suppliers - both high street and small businesses - have to offer. If you have seen something, or run a pagan business creating witchy treats. Do leave a comment or drop me an email at

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Anonymous said...

Badwitch said...

Thank you! That site looks good!

Jane said...

Erk! I just followed the link in the first comment and spent 40 quid! At least I've started on my Yuletide shopping - so thanks for the link!