Monday 16 November 2020

News: Witches, Occult, Stonehenge, New Stone Circle

Here's a round-up of recent news stories including a modern stone circle constructed in Kent, concerns about the Stonehenge bypass, plans for a witchcraft museum, a supernatural podcast and witches on film.

"Whitstable's version of Stonehenge? New stone circle installed at Duncan Down village green" - story at Kent Online:

"A new touring witch hunt museum could be created for East Anglia"- story at the Daily Gazette:

"Druidic trees stand watch over relics of the Iron Age" - story at The Times: 

 "Builders digging tunnel beneath Stonehenge will be haunted by ancient spirit, Britain’s druid king warns" - story at The Sun: 

 "Kesha to Launch Podcast About Supernatural Experiences and the Occult" - story at Rolling Stone:

"Tickle, Tickle: A History Of The Witch On Film" - story at The Quietus:

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