Friday 13 November 2020

Review: The Magical Nordic Tarot by Jayne Wallace

I once went in search of the Northern Lights, travelled by boat up the coast of Norway into the Arctic Circle. It was a lifetime dream, and when I saw them, it was as awe-inspiring as I imagined. That is the feeling I am reminded of when I use the new Magical Nordic Tarot, as the Northern Lights dance in the background of each card.

The artwork on the Major Arcana and court cards is lovely too, depicting creatures including wolves, bears, and eagles; landscapes inspired by the land of the midnight sun and the enchantment of winter wonderlands; and images from Norse mythology. I'd love the deck even more if the minor arcana cards were fully illustrated, but the colour symbolism and descriptive words on them are useful, and I guess the publisher wanted to keep the RRP as low as possible. This is a very affordable boxed set.

One interesting addition is a special card - an extra Major Arcana card by artist Tracey Emin. She is a friend of author Jayne Wallace, and shares a love of tarot. Her card has the name Charity and the meaning of generosity. You can see it pictured on the right. It shows a blue cat, associated with Freya, goddess of love and beauty. The message is that, like a cat, it is important to be self-reliant, but it it is also good to exercise kindness.

The boxed set includes a 64-page colour book that describes the inspiration for each card, offers key words and meanings, and suggests spreads. There are also references to Norse tales. Publisher Cico Books says on its website: 
"Inspired by old Nordic myths and folklore, this beautiful deck offers a new and powerful insight into the meanings of each card. Filled with symbolic imagery, it takes the reader on an empowering journey filled with magical possibilities."
This winter, I know I won't be going to anywhere I might once again watch the Northern Lights, but I will be using this lovely deck and travelling there in in my mind's eye when I do readings for myself and my family. The Magical Nordic Tarot would make a lovely Yuletide gift for anyone who collects divination sets, or wants to starting using tarot this Yuletide with a deck full of seasonal inspiration.

You can view The Magical Nordic Tarot on Amazon and you can see a reading I did using it here.

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