Tuesday 3 November 2020

Practical Witchcraft: Making Magickal Blue Moon Water

Here is a post by Jane Mortimer on Blue Moon Water:

I've only got a small supply left of Full Moon Water to use for magickal working, so when I found five half-litre bottles of spring water in the garage, I seized the opportunity to turn it into something special. The water fitted into a large apothecary jar from one of my recent charity shop trawls, and being an old-fashioned jar with a ground glass stopper, it was 100% glass, and perfect for the purpose. 

On Friday night, October 30th, I squidged it into a safe place in the front garden where it would catch plenty of moonlight and left it overnight. The Blue Moon was on Samhain at 2.51pm, so I left the jar there for another night to become imbued with all the power of a very rare Moon that won't happen again for a many years. As I now have two and a half litres of this wonderful water, it should last me a long time as long as the cats don't knock it over, so it'll be affectionately known as 'my BMW'.

The picture shows the jar, still dripping with dew from the garden. I'll put a nice Potteresque apothecary label on it when it's dry.

A Blue Moon is one that doesn't follow the usual pattern of a single full moon in a month, although definitions vary. The most common modern definition is when there are two full moons in a calendar month, but an older meaning was an extra full moon in a single season. 

The picture is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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