Monday 4 January 2021

Trust in Magic: Divination with the Messenger Oracle

I drew a card for the start of the year from the Messenger Oracle. I let my fingers run over the cards, letting them sense the one that felt right. I turned it over, and it said: "Trust in magic." That's the way magic works, by tuning in to the universe and feeling the correct course of action. 

Listen to your intuition and what your heart is saying as well as to what your head is telling you. That is what this card is about. Here's the definition from the book that comes with the set:

"Magic is the mysterious and coincidental. It is at the heart of those moments of synchronicity and knowing. It is woven into the awareness that there is more to life than what you can see. It is born of that moment when you step without fear and with loving heart into the void, voice your desire, and have Great Spirit send his messengers to show you the way. Trust in magic. It is real, and it shows you the way."

At the moment many of us are uncertain about the future. Life might seem hard and the way forward unclear, but when you are in a dark place it is even more important to use all your senses, including that of magic, to find a way out. 

You can view the Messenger Oracle on Amazon.

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