Tuesday 30 March 2021

Pagan Eye: Silver Birch Catkins and Yellow Blossom

This is a sight I love every springtime. The cascading branches of my weeping silver birch tree are full of catkins and tiny new leaves. Looking through them is like looking through a golden waterfall, beyond which is the yellow blossom of my forsythia hedge.  These are in my front garden now

When I took the photo the sun was shining, early butterflies were flitting between the spring flowers and I didn't want to be anywhere else but in that moment. This little photograph gives only a hint, but reminds me how lovely things can be at this time of year. I'll be talking a bit more about that on Facebook this Friday. You can find details and the link here.

My Pagan Eye posts show photos that I find interesting - seasonal images, pagan sites, events, or just pretty pictures. If you want to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, please email it to badwitch1234@gmail.com Let me know what the photo shows and whether you want your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo must be one you have taken yourself.

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