Tuesday 23 March 2021

When to Leave Wildflowers and When to Mow the Grass

My lawn is always more a wildflower meadow than something you could play croquet on. I love the lesser celandine and primroses that speckle the grass every springtime. The dandelions and daisies are welcome too. 

Problem is, as you might spot in the photo above, I'll have to mow it soon or else I would have a forest of sycamore trees behind my house. That's what those tiny little green plants with two long leaves at either side of the top are in the photo. Every spring my lawn has thousands of them, seeded from the large tree in my neighbour's garden. Leave them a week or so and they will have recognisable leaves. Leave them much longer and they would be saplings. 

It's always a dilemma. I know quite a few pagans feel that you should never cut down a tree, even a tiny one, but if I allowed those sycamores to grow they would overshadow everything else and there wouldn't be a wildflower meadow at all. But I thought I'd share this picture of some pretty flowers in the sunshine. I won't mow them today - I'll leave them just a bit longer to enjoy.

By the way, if you are interested in a book about witchy gardening I would recommend Rachel Patterson's book on Garden Magic.

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Jane said...

Our lawn's full of celandines too, and our huge sycamore's provided plenty of the dreaded seedlings! If we allowed them to grow into trees, they'd uproot the house!

Badwitch said...