Monday 5 April 2021

Enjoying Easter and Belated Yule Gifts at the Same Time

I was given a very nice chocolate egg yesterday, and I also got the lovely book you can see in the picture and a couple of bottles of booze. However, they weren't over-the top Easter presents.

The easing of rules about travel and meeting people now means you can drive a bit further than your local area and groups of six can get together outside. It meant that this weekend I was finally able to exchange Yule gifts with family!  

It really does feel as though things are moving forwards and I'm so much more hopeful about the future than I was last Easter - or even late last year. I'm also looking forward to starting reading that book, opening my booze and eating the chocolate. That's my bank holiday Monday sorted - and in the future I'm hoping to be a woman who wanders far afield, rather than just reading a book about other women walking.

I hope the bank holiday weekend has been equally good for you!

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Jane said...

Still got our tree up, lights on, presents heaped round it. Can't wait for May 23rd when we finally get our family of 6 together for turkey and Christmas pud, and a grand opening of Yule, birthday and Easter prezzies! It's been the longest Advent ever!

Badwitch said...

That sounds really lovely! My birthday and my husband's birthday are both in late May, so for me it would seem strange to be celebrating Christmas around our birthdays, but I can really understand people wanting to celebrate Christmas with family as soon as they can!