Friday 30 July 2021

Lammas Ritual by the Sea & Corn Dolly Offering

Some years ago I wrote a ritual for Lammas by the Sea for a Wiccan coven that I was part of. The coven no longer exists because members moved away, but I still keep in touch with them. I've got permission to share the important parts of the ritual that aren't oath-bound, and you can find them later on in this post.

Wiccans have quite specific words they use for preparing ritual space, casting a circle, and raising energy etc. I've not included them, because they are supposedly secret, and instead just written basic instructions for those bits. They aren't exactly a well-kept secret these days, but I'm not sharing them here. There are many ways to cast a circle - use the form you prefer or use something like this.

As the name suggests, this ritual was done on a beach, but you could adapt it for other locations near water. Do make sure you don't cause pollution. While casting a little grain into the sea isn't going to be an issue, it might not be suitable everywhere.

Lammas by the Sea

Before you begin, you will need whatever ritual tools you use for cleansing, circle casting, raising energy, and sharing cakes and ale. You will also need enough wheat stalks or other grains or long grasses for everyone to plait simple loops as corn dollies.

Prepare the space for your ritual. Start by doing a beach clean. Collect any man-made rubbish to take away for recycling later. You can then cleanse the area in more magical or ceremonial ways.  

Everyone taking part should then spend a little while meditating. Either use meditational words, or sit mindfully for a short while.

Cast a circle.

Raise energy by singing, chanting dancing or drumming. Then say the following words:

Call to Lugh, Lord of the Harvest:

Lugh, God of Many Talents

Who rules this time of the year

We ask you to give us your blessings

As we honour the harvest this day.

Corn Dolly Rite Intro:

Out of grain, cut ripe from the field, 

We will make tokens of those things 

That have grown to fruitfulness.

In our own lives this year.

Everyone then makes a corn dolly and, while they are doing so, thinks about all those things that have grown in their lives from seeds of intent planted during the past year – from autumn through to spring – and how they have manifested. 

The very easiest corn dolly is simply be a plait of three or four stalks of grain, tied into a loop with natural biodegradable thread. 

When everyone has made a corn dolly, Someone opens a doorway in the circle and everyone processes to the edge of the water.

Call to Morgan, Lady of Magic and of the Sea:

Morgan, Lady of the Sea and Mistress of Magic

We ask you to give us your blessings

And to accept this token of the harvest

For the sea is the source of all things

And to the sea, all waters return.

Everyone throws their corn dolly into the sea, as a token of thanks.

Thanks to the Goddess:

Morgan, Lady of the Sea 

We thank you for your blessings

And for accepting our gifts

Everyone then processes back to the circle, and someone closes door that was opened.

Thanks to the God:

Lugh, God of Many Talents

Lord of this Festival

We thank you for your blessings

And enabling the harvest.

Everyone then shares cakes and ale, first pouring a small libation as an offering.

Open the circle and say any final words. 

Afterwards, enjoy a picnic on the beach, then take home all your own things and recycle the items from the beach clean.

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