Friday 10 September 2021

Tales from the Witch Room: My Coal Scuttle Cauldron

How many cauldrons does a witch really need? I don't think I've found the answer yet, but the one in the bottom corner of this picture is the latest addition to my collection.

Technically, it isn't a cauldron - it's a vintage coal scuttle that I picked up at an antiques market for £10. I love it because it's large, but also much lighter than my cast-iron cauldron of the same size. That means I can easily take it along when I run scrying workshops to fill with water for divination. It's actually so light that I can also use it as a basket to carry anything else I'm taking along to the workshop.

I realise it wouldn't be any good for cooking things in, but that's fine as I have another one for that. I also have several smaller cauldrons - some get used for scrying too, others for candle magic or burning incense. Sometimes I also use them to store things I'm going to use for spellwork, or to put charms, bottles and pouches in that I've enchanted. To me, the interior of a cauldron is perfect for cooking up any kind of magic, and letting things brew and stew symbolically even if I'm not heating them up for real.

Do you have a favourite cauldron? Do leave a comment or send a photo!


Jane said...

Lucya, it's lovely!

Badwitch said...

Jane - thank you!