Thursday 28 October 2021

Halloween Shopping: Tesco Bowls For Scrying Tonight!

Excuse the homage to the famous line in Carry on Screaming - you can of course scry at any time.

I had a bit of a problem to solve before teaching a scrying workshop for 20 people at London Month of the Dead. I had to be able to provide bowls for each of them for water divination, which also needed to be light enough for me to carry across London by public transport. Crystal balls, cast-iron cauldrons and obsidian mirrors might be the perfect tools for the task normally, but they're really heavy and I don't own 20 of them. You can also reuse black ready meal dishes as inexpensive, lightweight scrying bowls, but I don't have 20 of them either.

When I was doing a weekly grocery shop, I spotted the perfect thing: plastic bowls like the one in the picture in Tesco's Halloween for adults range. They are black, a good size, lightweight, inexpensive and don't look tacky even though they're plastic. I generally try to avoid buying plastic things, but it's okay If you intend to keep them and reuse them. These bowls will certainly be reused at scrying workshops I run in future. 

The picture at the top shows one of the Tesco bowls with water in it that I tried scrying with myself. My workshop was based on my book Pagan Portals - Scrying, which is published by Moon Books and due to reach shops soon. You can find out more on my author page.

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