Monday 27 December 2021

My Yule Gifts: Witchy Wall Ornaments & Visiting Family

In the photo are two great witchy wall plaques I was given at Christmas, one from a friend and one from my niece. I love them both and will hang them up in my kitchen. However, the best gift of all this year was being able to visit family again. We were all very careful and did lateral flow tests beforehand, but being able to share a meal with loved ones was something I was so glad to be able to do, considering none of us in England were able to do that the year before.

I really hope your Christmas was a happy one, with lots of sympathy going to those who were ill or had other misfortunes over the holidays. I'm wishing that 2022 will bring better things for everyone.


Rayne Hall said...

That broomstick looks positively phallic. :-D

Badwitch said...

Yes, it does rather, doesn't it? ;)