Friday 10 December 2021

Pagan Eye: Socks & Candles on a Moot Merch Table

Jane Mortimer took this photo of things she'd made to put on the merchandise table at Romford Moot, and I thought they were so stunning they were worth sharing! 

December's moot was earlier this week and I'm now kicking myself for not blogging about the merchandise table earlier, as it would have been a wonderful place for pagans to pick up stunning Yule gifts - as well as listen to a fascinating talk. However the moot meets every month, normally on the first Tuesday, at The Golden Lion, 2 High Street, Romford. You can find out more here:

I'm also hoping Jane will have more things to sell in future.

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The photo is copyright Jane Mortimer.

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Jane Mortimer said...

Not to worry, Lucya. Our Moot was messed up (again!) by another double booking, so the talk couldn't happen and is postponed to February (no moot in January). Our upper room had its regular Wednesday night Folk Club so we were put in an area with traffic into toilets and smoking area, so it wasn't possible to have the talk, but we did have a nice social evening. I managed to sell 4 candles, so I can book my first tarot lesson with the lovely Alex. Thank you for publishing my photo!

Badwitch said...

Jane - glad you sold candles, but sorry the talk got postponed