Tuesday 21 December 2021

Yule Poems: A Solstice Hymn to Ancient Gods

Here's a poem for the Winter Solstice. I wrote it remembering a solstice spent a Avebury stone circle. This year I'll be watching the sunrise livestreamed from Stonehenge rather than visiting in person. I don't think you need to actually be at an ancient site in order to be there in spirit:

A Solstice Hymn to Ancient Gods

I sing a hymn

To the ancient Gods

Of the standing stones

At Solstice dawn.

I sing a hymn

To the ancient ones

I never knew

From the distant past

I sing a hymn 

To all of us

Who stand here now

As the sun returns

I sing a hymn

For the world at large

In future's hope

Of brighter days.

(The poem is copyright Lucya Starza)

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