Monday 14 March 2022

Review: Psychic Spellcraft - Divination & Intuition Rituals

Psychic Spellcraft - A Modern-Day Wiccapedia of Divination and Intuition Rituals is one of those books that's lovely to read in the hardcover version. It feels pleasingly tactile and has delightful illustrations inside. The content's pretty good too. 

Authors Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway have put a lot of thought into compiling this "Wiccapedia", as they call it. It offers ways to boost your psychic senses, an introduction to wide range of divination methods, and other practices such as lucid dreaming and communicating with spirits. You don't have to identify as Wiccan to appreciate it though, as the techniques offered are ones anyone can try. In fact, many of the things described are general esoterica like crystal ball reading, tarot, palmistry and dowsing. There are spells to help you get results, but they aren't specifically Wiccan either. The book is in the 'Modern-Day Witch' series, and I think that more general phrase describes it perfectly.

Publisher Sterling gives this description:

"Shawn Robbins and Leanna Greenaway explore how to harness nature’s magick to tap into your psychic intuition and hone your divination abilities.  They cover everything from sharpening your psychic skills and intuition; ESP training; psychic meditation techniques; astral projection; and connecting with spirits and the cosmos. Numerous divination methods are covered: tarot; scrying (crystal ball gazing); crystal divination; numerology; palmistry; pendulums; reading tea leaves; lucid dreaming; psychic plant power ― even how to read clouds and candle wax."

Psychic Spellcraft would be ideal for anyone starting out on a path of magical exploration and wanting to get an overview of the many possible avenues of psychic work. It's a great introductory guide and reference book. Although doesn't go into huge depth in any area, it offers the basics in a delightful and highly inspiring way.

You can view Psychic Spellcraft on Amazon.

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