Thursday 3 March 2022

Witch Room Tales: When a Candle is too Nice to Burn

The beautiful candle in this photo was a gift from Jane Mortimer, who made it herself. She is really talented. I put it on my goddess altar in my witch room. However, I won't be burning it, at least not any time soon. It's such a work of art that I just want to admire it and keep it the way it is. 

Maybe there will be a special event at some point in the future when I want to use a particularly special candle to mark the occasion, but certainly not any time soon. 

Do you have any candles that are just too nice to burn? If so, do take a picture and email it to me if you would like me to put it on the blog so everyone can apprecialte it. My email address is

If you want one like it, then I think Jane often has some for sale at the Romford Pagan Moot market table.

Here are links to some previous posts showing Jane's candle crafting:

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Jane Mortimer said...

Candles like this are only as good as the moulds they're made in, so most of the credit must go to the lovely Colin Parker of Europacrafts in Hull, who's been making moulds like this since the 70's. He's my mould guru. And the paint I use for special effects comes from our local Warhammer shop. Credit to Andy in the Romford branch who showed me how to use them.