Monday 21 March 2022

Witchy Shopping: Cardboard Coffins for Spells or Storage

I couldn't resist buying these two little cardboard coffins from Hobbycraft. The photo shows one with the lid on and another with the lid to the side. The crafting shop is selling them as decoupage projects - and that's what I'll be doing with mine, then using them for storage.

Mind you, as a witch and the author of the Pagan Portals book on poppets, I couldn't help but think how wonderful they would be for that aspect of the Craft... As well as the obvious cursing potential, coffins are sometimes used for healing magic. The idea is that you bury the sickness rather than the person. You can combine that with poppet magic, and it isn't a new idea either. Patricia Telesco in A Victorian Grimoire suggests making a poppet and visualising pouring any ailments into it, then burying it. While you do that you should state that you banish all ills. A cardboard coffin would be just the thing to use too!  

Another magical use for a coffin is to symbolically bury things you want to put behind you. If you are moving on from a toxic situation then put to rest items that represent that. Obviously don't use paperwork you might later need, but you could bury a torn-up copy of a marriage certificate if you are getting divorced, or a torn-up copy of a work contract if you are leaving an unpleasant job. Ideally use things that will eventually biodegrade, like paper or natural fabric and herbs, so as not to cause any environmental problems with your spellcraft.

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