Monday 20 June 2022

Sun Power Altar and Spell for Juggling Life Events

Here's the altar I set up to make the most of Summer Solstice energy with a spell to help juggle the disparate things life throws at us. At other times of the year you can do this on a Sunday, which is a day always associated with the sun.

I gathered things to represent the sun: a golden threaded cloth, beeswax candles, a chalice with a solar design, a holey stone wrapped in yellow wool, midsummer flowers, a yellow ribbon around my wand, a solar angel card and the Summer card from the Magic of Nature Oracle. The yellow ball in the centre (on a stand I usually use for a crystal ball) is the focus for the spell. I'd used the ball as one of a set when I was trying to teach myself to juggle, and that's also the theme of the spell.

The first thing you do when learning to juggle is just pass a single ball from hand to hand. You then start to throw the ball from one hand to the other and make sure you are good at doing that before adding a second ball, then eventually a third. For this spell, cast a circle if you like, then pick up the single ball and pass it between your hands. Say:

"I call upon the power of the sun to give me the energy to do all I have to do. Help me juggle whatever is thrown my way. Give me strength and agility both in body and mind. Grant me patience to learn from my mistakes. Help me to master the skills I need through practice. If I drop a ball, help me pick it up and try again. I ask this blessing and give thanks for sunny days and all the summers gone and that lie ahead."

End your spellwork by taking down any circle you cast, then ground, which you can do by pressing your feet firmly on the floor. You might want to have a few sips of water or fruit juice as well, after all that solar energy work!


When I recently asked a question about what people would like me to blog about, Jane W replied saying she'd be interested in information on "the basics, such as setting up and taking down an altar, information on various tools and so on." 

What I'd say to start with is that there's no one right way of setting up an altar, unless you're in a very strict tradition that sets out rules about such things. For general spellwork, an altar is used as a name for a place to set out things you need for the spell and anything that will add extra symbolism. Most people use a table or shelf, but it can be anywhere that's convenient. Clean the surface first to get rid of unwanted energy. Choose altar coverings, candles, flowers and other objects in an appropriate colour or with the right correspondences for the spell. The most important things are the practical items - so for this spell, a wand to cast a circle, a ball and a cup of water to sip. 

I'm going to write more about altars in the future. 

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