Friday 22 July 2022

Divination for the Day: The Goddess Aeracura

I love the image on this card from the Legendary Ladies Goddess Deck. I picked the Germanic goddess Aeracura as a reading for the world, but it isn't the first time she's appeared since I got the set. In fact, she's been my personal inspiration a couple of times over the past fortnight.

The word on the card under the name is "blooming", which might seem odd at first glance for that gothy-looking image of a woman with silver hair and dark clothing carrying a lantern. It made sense when I learnt she's considered a bit similar to Persephone, who is both queen of the underworld and also associated flowers and life returning. The meaning given in the book that comes in the box reads:

"It's your time to shine and you are coming into your own with the assistance of the goddess of the underworld and prosperity. You're being recognised for the beautiful soul you are - get ready to blossom."

When I got that message in my personal reading, it gave me a boost of confidence. I hope it gives all who read this a boost of confidence as well. Whatever projects you're involved with, get ready to blossom too!

I bought my copy of this oracle set in the gift shop at the end of the Feminine Power exhibition at the British Museum, but you can also view Legendary Ladies on Amazon

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