Tuesday 30 August 2022

Anyone Know Anything About This Oracle Set?

I was wondering if anyone who reads my blog knows anything about this oracle set. I saw it at a vintage market at the weekend and bought it out of curiosity. 

The box calls it The Great Prediction Game of Kem, but it doesn't actually seem to be a game. It contains a set of oracle cards in a blue bag, a book on the Cards of Kem giving meanings and suggestions for spreads and meditations, and several large pieces of paper with outlines for the spreads.  Maybe there were some game rules in it at one time? I don't know.

As you can seem, the artwork is probably best described as naive. It was created by John and Mary Drinkwater and published by Products of Kem. The book gives a Somerset PO Box number, but seeing as the set dates from 1986 I would imagine that's no longer valid. I tried Googling The Great Prediction Game of Kem and The Cards of Kem, but failed to learn more. So, I thought I'd share a photo here and see if anyone else has seen it before or knows anything about its history.

Do leave a comment if you know anything or have any other ideas about it.

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