Monday 29 August 2022

The Poetry of Witchcraft: Crone

This poem was inspired by the extract from the book Magical Aging, which I shared on this blog last week. 

Being an old witch myself, I approve of anything that shows the positive aspects of being elderly. However, I had a discussion querying the suggestion that the etymology of word "crone" is "crown". I've seen it suggested on some witchy websites, but the etymology sites I've checked think the word crone more likely comes from an Anglo-French word meaning carrion rather than the German word krone, meaning crown. Nevertheless, word similarities can be played with in creative writing, so I've used those ideas in a poem:


Old woman.
Carrion corpse.

Come closer.
Let me see
the silver
in your hair,
your crown
of wisdom.

Let me forget
older insults
and think more
of your journey
and the care lines
of time

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