Thursday 4 August 2022

Shopping: Soap Delivery from Bewitched Botanicals

I'm always excited when a new parcel arrives from Bewitched Botanicals. I order my soaps and some other toiletries from them partly because I like to support independent pagan shops and crafters, but also because Bewitched Botanicals makes my absolute favourite soaps. 

The scents are wonderful, I love the fact that the products are really kind to my sensitive skin, and I love the packaging everthing comes in. Oh and the soaps are beautiful inside their packets too - I'll post a piccy of one or two some time, after I've completely opened them!

Each box I unwrap feels like a present, even though I've paid for the goodies inside. Nevertheless, my order did contain a little extra - a small bar of Vanir soap to try out, as a treat!

You can visit Bewitched Botanicals' online shop here:

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