Thursday 22 October 2020

Shopping: Bewitched Botanicals Halloween Collection

Although I've not actually run out of soaps and smellies, I couldn't resist ordering more. I'm now looking forward to washing my hands with Ghost Puffs, bathing in Sleepy Hollow and maybe indulging in some socially-distanced Trick or Treating on the side. They are the names of Bewitched Botanicals' Halloween Collection, including scrubs, whips, melts and, of course, wonderful soaps. 

My witchy friend Jane Mortimer did the same. She said: "I ordered a little stash of not-particularly-Samhain goodies a couple of weeks ago from Bewitched Botanicals, and was very impressed with the mini-sizes of scrub and whip (I ordered the sample/gift bag). Their Halloween collection has moved up a notch from 'coming soon' to 'it's here', so I celebrated Pension Day by ordering lots of lovely stuff to slather on to my wizened witchy skin."

Throughout October I've been posting about Samhain shopping. I've posted pictures of lovely witchy stuff I've seen, things I've bought, and also shared photos of other people's wonderful finds. I've been buying Bewitched Botanicals' soap for years now - it really is my favourite and is kind to my extremely sensitive skin. They also produce wonderful special collections, so I also snap up things that won't be available forever.

The picture at the top shows Halloween bath cauldrons, the middle picture show Sleepy Hollow melts, and the bottom picture shows Ghost Puffs soap. You can visit Bewitched Botanicals' online shop here:

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Jane said...

Luvverly witchy goodies. I can't wait for my box to arrive. The thought of having a bubbling cauldron floating and bobbing around me in the bath by candlelight with a melt wafting its haunting aroma nearby is too magickal for words! Then on with the Wicked slatherings and drift off to another world on the bed with a nice witchy book! Eeeee!