Sunday 1 January 2023

The Bad Witch's 10 New Year Resolutions for 2023

Here's my list of 10 new year resolutions for 2023. As I've mentioned before, I usually make a list of several goals for the year ahead rather than a single resolution. My new list includes some things I planned for previous years but didn't do, some I want to continue, and some new things.

  1. Every month blog about an art or craft that’s witchy or folkloric
  2. Blog about a magical book every month
  3. Every month visit somewhere in London that’s blog-worthy
  4. Go to at least 12 in-person pagan moots, festivals, conferences or public rituals
  5. Walk a lost river in London.
  6. Do a ley line walk
  7. Visit a historic or sacred or witchcraft-related site outside London I've not been to before 
  8. Interview pagan authors for a dozen or so blog posts.
  9. Do some form of divination for the world at least once a month and post about it
  10. Launch my book Pagan Portals - Wheel of the Year with talks, workshops and other events

Whatever your plans, I hope 2023 offers you all the opportunities you want. Happy New Year!

The photo shows the photo I took to go on the front cover of my Wheel of the Year book 

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